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 Creating Filters: There are a number of ways to sort images in various degrees of importance by using Filters in Lightroom. Many Filters use just keyboard commands. It provides you with a way to sort quickly and completely with little more than a press of a key. Let’s look at them.
Many photographers load their images into Lightroom and then delete the ones they don’t want using the “X” key. This saves storage space on your hard drive because the ones marked are flagged as Rejected and can be deleted. You can unflag them by typing “U” before you
decide to delete them. However if you wish to delete them, highlight them and right-click and remove them. You will be given the option to remove them from your hard drive completely or just remove them from your Collection. A variation of this is to use the “Shift X” command which flags the photo as Rejected and moves on to the next one.
Another useful tool to help with the sorting of images is to use the “P” key to pick an image. As you go through the images simply type “P” and it will put a little white Flag in the upper left corner of the image. This identifies it as one of the ones that you consider to be valuable and want to Flag it for further consideration. This is called Flagging the images.
Another way to sort images
and to create a readily
recognizable level of quality is
to use the Stars available in
Lightroom. When you are in
the Loupe view you will be able
to rate images using the Star
rating system. Double click on one of the images and you will see it come up in Loupe view. As
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