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 Keywording: Let’s move on to the next selection of the right-hand panel called Keywording. As I mentioned in the Importing section, Keywording is important because it
allows you to search for an image that has had a specific keyword attached to it. If you use descriptive Keyword Tags to describe your image in ways that are appropriate, it will find all the images that have that Keyword attached. So, for instance with the picture we were just working on, the Keywords could be “landscape, winter, snow, stream, park, mountains”. Just enter the Keywords into the box available called Enter Keywords. There are also some Keyword Suggestions that you could search to use and you can create a Keyword Set for specific groups of Keywords that you use more often. But, most important of all is the list of
Keywords that have already been used that you can scroll down through to pick the ones you want. It is a great way to be inspired by some of the words to use or invent new ones that you can add to the list.
Looking at Metadata: Metadata is the information that is
embedded about this image from your camera. It tells you what type of camera was used, the settings that you used, the type of file it produced, its name, its size etc. etc. This is useful information because it tells you when the picture was taken and by whom and the copyright status of the image. This information is stored in the image file.
Comments: Finally there is an area to enter Comments that you want
stored with the file as well. This is useful to identify people that may
be in the image or a particular place or event you were attending.
The Filmstrip: The Filmstrip at the bottom of the display is another
way to see the pictures and where they are in the Catalog or Collections you have created. It is a small Grid view but is along the bottom of the display instead. As you hover over the thumbnails, the file name will be displayed just above the Filmstrip. It also tells you the Collection it is in and on the right-hand side has a selection called Filters.
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