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 Using Auto: So finally I am going to try
the Auto setting in the Tone Control to
see what that does. By clicking on Reset
below the Tone Control it will return all
the settings to what we started with.
Then I clicked on Auto. As you can see it
looks pretty good. The snow is lighter, it
is a brighter image overall and it is a
great place to start if you are going to do more with the image. Lightroom has analyzed the image and has decided that this is what it should look like when using the Auto feature. Not
Auto tone & WB
bad! I would still warm it up a little bit just because I would like to. The snow is still a bit blue. Look what happens when we adjust the White Balance to Auto again. It has warmed it up even more and is starting to look like it
should. I like the image now and it only took a few adjustments that in Photoshop would have taken many. Good job Lightroom!
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Auto tone

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