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 Right below White Balance is Tone
Control. Tone Control is derived from
film days. We used to adjust density
and tone to our images in the
darkroom. What it does is adjust the
Exposure and contrast in an image.
The Exposure is adjusted by using
those little arrow keys again. Here
we have adjusted the image by clicking once on the courser right-hand Exposure arrow. You can see that it has increased the overall brightness by at least a stop and the whites look better and it has removed even more blue in the image. The snow now looks like snow.
Contrast is adjusted by using Clarity and Vibrance. Clarity adjusts the contrast of an image, but in the case of Lightroom it is a smart application of contrast that only takes place on Midtones, whereas if there was a separate Contrast adjustment it would change the overall contrast on the image not just the Midtones. The same is true of Vibrance. Vibrance is a smart form of changing the Saturation of an image, but it only works on the Midtones and therefore bright or dark tones are not adjusted. I have not adjusted this image using Clarity and Vibrance because it really doesn’t need it.
Cloudy setting
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