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 image or to a group of them. Let’s look at the picture above and use the right-hand panel to adjust it.
The Histogram: You will notice that at the top of the panel there is an Histogram. This Histogram tells us how well the picture has been exposed. I see that this image has been exposed in the camera for the snow which is the brightest part of the scene and the rest of the image is underexposed. This is very common when you are taking winter shots. It also tells you the ISO, the focal length of your lens, the aperture and the shutter speed used to create this picture.
Quick Develop: Quick Develop is right below that and you can select a preset or change the White Balance which in this case was probably set to Daylight in the camera. I find the image a bit too blue so I am going to warm it up a bit. Choosing Cloudy in the White Balance settings makes it pretty good, however it still isn’t quite what I wanted and it is still underexposed and I
Original as shot
will return it to As Shot. I could adjust the Arrow keys for both Temperature and Tint to see if that will help. These Arrow keys have a fine adjustment in the middle left and right arrows and a courser adjustment on the outside arrows. However, this time I am going to click on the selection Auto to see what that does. As you can see it
has warmed it up a bit, but not too much. (Later when we get into the Develop Module we will show you more accurate ways to adjust the images when it comes to White Balance.)
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