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 thumbnail and a dialog box will come up. By looking at the Previous location: you will see that it was originally loaded from a folder that was named Hawaii and you will need to locate where it was moved to. Press Locate. We knew this was originally
a series of photos from a folder called “Hawaii” however
we had somehow changed the name of the folder from
Hawaii to Hawaiian using some other program such as
Finder and Lightroom had lost focus. Select the right folder
and then select the image and you will notice that all the other images around it will regain focus as well. You have fixed the problem. It does indicate, however, how important it is to use Lightroom to create your folders, move them and rename both folders and images rather than relying on other programs to do so. It will save a lot
of confusion and time wasted looking for things.
Sorting Your Images Using Grid View: Grid view is a very powerful tool for sorting your images for display purposes. Simply click on an image and drag it into the order you want it on the screen. How simple is that? This is a great feature for sorting images from an event and presenting them in the sequence that they should be viewed.
Editing in Library Mode:
The Library Mode also has a number of very useful features that can allow you to do basic editing of your images through the Quick Develop feature, add Keywords and Comments either to an individual
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