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 part. Or you can hit Cancel and just go for coffee or go on a shoot or something instead. By the way, you can watch the task progressing on the bar on the top left of the page too.
Importing From a File:
So, let’s say that before you loaded Lightroom into your computer, you had already loaded a bunch of pictures on either its own hard drive or external drives you have connected. Let’s assume that you don’t want to change anything about the way you have them stored already, but just want to be able to edit them in Lightroom and keep them where they are located. This is a very simple task, and once again, Lightroom will only load them and bring them into the Catalog for you without moving them. Then you can put them into Collections and work on them from there just like in Importing from your memory card.
The first step is to go to Import and choose the hard drive that you have the images stored on.
You will notice that I have chosen the STOCK PHOTOS folder and have opened the Crowsnest Mine subfolder. It displays the images in that subfolder that have not been loaded into Lightroom yet. By default it has checked each image to be imported. You can Uncheck All and then only check the ones you want to load individually if you
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