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 that the camera has named IMG_1324.CR2 over the years? Part of the power of using programs like Lightroom is that you can immediately search for any file name you wish just by typing it’s name into the search engine. Look at this picture of a search that I did of my Lightroom database for an image that has the name “IMG_2600.CR2”. One was created using a Canon Powershot camera, the next two by a Canon EOS 5D MkII and the final one by a Canon
EOS 40D. All use the same naming convention and all have exactly the same file name. Oops! Naming your files is only common sense and is so easy to do with Lightroom.
Let’s do it. Here is a list of the options you have available to rename the files. As you can see the list is long but easy to understand. In my case I like to use the Custom Name – Sequence selection. So as an example, the custom name would be the name of the client or event, the date and the sequence number. For instance, let’s say that the name of the subject was a young woman named Mary Cooper. The day of the shoot was December 31, 2018. This would become a file name of “MaryC-123118-1.CR2” and so on for the images that are being imported. You will notice that I have left the
extension as CR2 which tells me that this is a RAW
file. This will provide you with more searchable
information and a better cataloging system for your
computer to be able to retrieve files. One thing to
remember is do not put spaces into your filenames as
computers simply don’t like them and can become
confused from time to time if you do it. Because it is
a unique name on the computer and in your database, there is only one of them, but you still have options to find them by simply using any of the words in the file name.
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