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 using Lightroom offline a lot and don’t want to carry the external drive around with you, then avoid checking this box.
The next selection is important so that you can reduce the chance of overloading your computer with duplicate copies of images. I recommend that you keep “Don’t Import Suspected Duplicates” box checked at all times. There may be times when you will want to import them, however, and that is why it is there, but generally leave this item checked.
Making a backup of your original images is always recommended and the next box allows you to put your backups wherever you want. Make a Second Copy To provides the ability to do that backup. I strongly urge you to backup your images to another drive in case the unexpected happens if your main drive dies. Oh, by the way, that should read “When your drive dies”, not “If your drive dies”.
The next feature is a huge time saver in terms of
organizing your files. It is “Add to a Collection”.
When you click on this item, it will open up all the
existing Collections that are in Lightroom that you
have already created or you have the option to
create a new one. When you click on the + sign a dialog box like the one here will give you an option to make an entirely new Collection where your images will be loaded for easy access in the Library or Develop modules. This is a very useful feature.
Next is File Renaming. Here you have the opportunity to identify your files with names that you can easily understand. For instance, the file convention that some of my cameras use looks like this “IMG_1324.CR2”. Now from this I can tell that this RAW image was taken with a Canon camera and it is number 1324 on the card I was using at that the time it was shot. Is this enough information to find that particular file if you have 30,000 files or more on your computer? And for that matter, who is to say that you don’t have 25 files on your computer
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