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 Next is the Copy option which is the only other one available under this series of selections.
You will notice that a description of the function is placed under the selection so if you are not sure which one to use, it describes it for you. For instance, under Copy you will see, “Copy photos to a new location and add to catalog.” That is exactly what we want to do, so keep it selected. The next step is to decide where you want to put these new
images that you’re Importing. Looking at the right-hand side of the Task
Bar and below in File Handling, you will see several items to identify what
you want to do with your files and where you want to put them. But first
look at the selection called Build Previews. There are options that you can
make all of which will provide you with different benefits. The first one is
called Minimal and stores a minimal display of images in Grid view and
then expands them into Standard View when you double click on them
using the viewer. It uses the least amount of memory on your computer
and performance is enhanced. It is slightly slower than using the
Standard option when expanding them, though. The next selection is
Embedded and Sidecar and provides the largest possible preview available
from the camera. It can take a bit longer to display the previews than
Minimal, but is still faster than the Standard preview option.
The next selection is Standard and this provides a Fit zoom level of image.
Finally there is an option to show the files in a 1:1 ratio and that shows
the image right at the maximum pixel view. These are usually huge files that take a long time to render. My preference is to use the Minimal option.
Right below these options is a checkbox that says, “Build Smart Previews”. Smart previews are embedded with each file created and are full sized and are retained on the computer you are using. They allow you to work on the images off-line. This is great for laptop owners that have external drives normally connected but when they are not, you can still work on the images as if they were still connected. It often takes a long time to create these large previews when you are importing them and if you are uploading a lot of them, plan for a long lunch. Unless you are
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