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 Publishing: The Publishing Services tab is included in Lightroom to provide a convenient way to get your images out to your clients or friends. They each have their own particular way of doing so and Lightroom makes it easier to upload final images that you want to publish. For instance, if you are creating proofs for your clients and have a service that you use to put them on the web so that your customers can choose the ones they want to order, you could use a subscription service such a Smugmug or Zenfolio. Both of these services create and display high quality images and you can effectively sell final prints or files through their service. Many photographers use services such as these because all the hard parts, such as printing and framing images is done by these companies and they provide exceptional service and delivery of them to your clients. It is very economical for people who use those type of services. You also can directly upload images to Facebook and other sites from Lightroom using a simple interface.
There are two other buttons on the left panel called Import and Export. They mean exactly that. Importing to Lightroom can be a little confusing at first so we will try to explain the process so that you can import your files into Lightroom and put them exactly where you want them to be.
Memory Card Importing: Let’s talk about importing a group of images from a memory card first. I always like to import files from a memory card using the Folders interface rather than the automatic import function in Lightroom. Plug your memory card into the reader on your computer and click on Import at the bottom of the left panel. You will notice under the Source tab that there are several drives available showing the drives you have on your computer and another one that is shown as EOS_DIGITAL in
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