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 images and keep them organized in Lightroom . For instance, if you were out on a photoshoot and shot several different subjects, but you put them on the same card. By creating Collections you can separate them when you import them into Lightroom into those separate subjects and name them accordingly. This is very powerful because you save steps by importing new photographs either from a memory card or from an existing file. It allows you to put them where you can find them easily and quickly and work on them as a group or collection of images. Now you can also drag and drop other images that should be in that Collection into it from the Preview as well. By highlighting the images you want to have moved into that collection from some other collection, it will allow you to better sort your collections and ease the workflow in terms of accessibility.
Creating Collections: Creating Collections is simple to do. Go to the images you want to put into a Collection and highlight them by clicking them with a Ctl click or command click for each one. At the top of the Collections
menuisa+sign. Clickonthe+and
it will bring up a menu that gives
you several options. Select Create a
Collection and fill in the dialog box
with the name of the collection you
want to create. Make sure you
check the Include selected photos
box. Then click on the middle of
one of the images you preselected before and drag and drop it onto the name of the collection you created. This will place them into that collection.
QUICK TIP: What happens to your images when you edit them? When you open your pictures in most programs other than Lightroom or other Non-destructive programs and you edit them, you are changing the actual pixels, adding more, or removing them entirely. This is destructive editing and the original image is changed forever. You change and sometimes lose the RAW data that is stored in its file and cannot recover it. This destructive editing means that unless you have made another copy of your image’s RAW file you have lost it. Programs like Photoshop, Paintshop etc. will do this.
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