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 on any of the selections you will be able to preview the thumbnail images in Grid view or even take a closer look at them in the Loupe view by double clicking on the thumbnail. This is a great way to load images through the Import Command and then put them wherever you want them to be in Collections, which we will talk about shortly.
The Folders: Folders is where the images that you have loaded into Lightroom reside on your individual hard drives. So, for instance if you look at the picture on the left, you will see that there are 2305 images loaded into Lightroom from the Pictures folder on the Macintosh HD. It also shows all the hard drives connected or not connected to your computer. It is sometimes confusing when you look at these drives because you know there are a lot more folders on them than are being shown. However, you must remember that this selection only shows the number of images that are already loaded into your Lightroom catalog, not what can be loaded yet and are still on your hard drives. In order to see the folders that are not
showing up you will need to go to the Import function and look at folders there. Also make sure that the “Include Subfolders” checkbox is checked when using the Import function in order for Lightroom to see all the images in subfolders. We will discuss that further down the road.
The Collections: The Collections tab is where you can sort your photographs into, well, collections of photographs of different subjects. Collections can be created by you to have an easy way to find
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